The Australian Friendly Societies Pharmacies Association Inc. (AFSPA) is a national body representing the interests of not-for-profit Friendly Society Pharmacies.

The objectives of AFSPA include:

  • Promoting community pharmacy, particularly the interests of Friendly Society Pharmacies and their members.
  • Providing a forum where Boards and Management of Friendly Society Pharmacies can exchange information and learn from each other.
  • Monitoring State and Federal legislative and regulatory matters that may impact on Friendly Society Pharmacies or their members and providing submissions on any relevant issues. Copies of AFSPA submissions can be seen here.

What is a Friendly Society Pharmacy?

Friendly Society Pharmacies are community pharmacies owned by not-for-profit Friendly Societies rather than pharmacists. They are representative of the tradition of community services in primary health care provided by Friendly Societies in Australia since the 1830s. Friendly Society Pharmacies have provided quality and affordable medicines to members since the first one was established in Sydney in 1847. With a model of mutuality that remains relevant today, they are the longest, continuous operators of the practice of pharmacy in Australia.

Read more about the history of Friendly Society Pharmacies here.

Vision Statement

“To assist friendly society pharmacies by creating a supportive environment that enables them to provide high quality, consultative and affordable pharmaceutical products and services to members.”

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