AFSPA Structural Review: A Focus for the AGM


During 2021, the AFSPA Executive Committee began the serious process of reviewing whether the current AFSPA constitution and structure is fit for purpose for the future.

After ongoing discussion and advice from BAL Lawyers, the following issues were agreed as potentially limiting the future capacity of the association:

  • State registration as an Incorporated Association in South Australia creates a reliance on always having Members and the Public Officer in that state (as would be the case with any state based registration).
  • State based registration could potentially inhibit some national activities and campaigns.
  • The structure of state representation on the Exec Committee does not allow for the body to include specific skills based Directors that may be needed.
  • The limit of one representative per state on the Exec Committee does not allow for experience building and succession planning for the Association.
  • The requirement for membership to be only for Friendly Societies owning Pharmacies excludes many interested stakeholders and prevents future opportunities.

It was also agreed that the existing capacity for State Based Committees of AFSPA could be better defined and structured for the future.

Taking these issues into consideration, BAL Lawyers have recommended that AFSPA convert to a Company Limited by Guarantee, regulated nationally by ASIC.

Work is still underway on a new draft Constitution and transition plan for acceptance by Members at this year’s AGM.

Full documentation and resolutions for consideration by Members will be circulated 40 days prior to the AGM, as per our current Constitution. As this is such an important issue for AFSPA members, its essential that we have the correct contact details for your Friendly Society.

Please click the button below to provide us with your most up to date information.

If you have any concerns or queries about this process, please contact Claire Leonard on 0439 691 019 or

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