Friendlies Conference 2015

Full details of the Conference program and sponsors can be reviewed in the Friendlies Conference Final Program 2015

Below are the presentations from the Conference which the speakers have given permission to be released.

Session 1 Nick Panayiaris The New Landscape of the 6CPA

Session 2 Dr Lance Emerson – Invigorating the Profession The Future of Professional Services

Session 4.1 Optical Services Vito Borrello

Session 4.2 Medical Centres Talei Deacon

Session 4.3 Home Health Care Aids and CPAP Deon List

Session 4.4 Beauty Salon Michael Fleming

Session 5 John Rawson – Taxation and the Mutuality Principle_ A Practical Guide

Session 6 Pauline Carr – Mission Critical Governance Issues for Directors of Friendly Society Pharmacies

Session 7 Daniel Jenkinson – How to conduct a Health Check on your Constitution

Session 8 Melina Morrison – The Mutual Sector Helping Build a Better Australia-1

Session 9 Dr Craig Hassed – Mindfulness for Wellbeing, Resilience and Sustainable Performance

Session 10 Manoj Miranda – Do you have a Lazy Balance Sheet_

Session 11 Norah Breekveldt – The Benefits of Strategic Planning-1

Session 12 Bruce Annabel – Strategy, Culture and Diversification an Executive Summary

Sponsor presentation Alchemii